1st Gear Trials Centre

What is Motorcycle Trials?

Trials Riding is an off road sport for ages from 4-70+ years of age, for boys, girls, ladies and men alike.

Trials riding is the safest form of motorcycle sport. Competitions take place over sections of ground, aimed at the rider’s agility and skill, rather than the use of speed. Trials riding should never be confused with scrambling, motorcross or enduro. All these disciplines are fast riding disciplines. If you are riding faster than a walking pace, then you are riding too fast for trials.

Trials riders develop skills like balance and machine control, by riding through observed sections such as natural obstacles like tree roots, rocks, or natural slops. Sometimes manmade sections are required, where more natural obstacles are lacking. The children who ride at 1st Gear gain an increased level of concentration, it enhances their responsibility and social skills, which can then progress into their school work. Most of all, it can give them a massive sense of achievement, whilst at the same time focusing any frustrations in a positive manner.

1st Gear’s most satisfying point of view is seeing how much young rider’s progress during their time with us, and the enjoyment of the knowledge that they have been given. This gives them the greater ability to ride, which helps in their future lives with the practical skills of learning to drive or learning to ride a motorcycle on the road.

At 1st Gear we expect a high standard of discipline and good manners from all our riders. Most importantly that they enjoy themselves, and that they are taught within a safe environment.