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Module 1 and 2 Training

Module 1 Test

The Module 1 Test consists of the following manoeuvres:

  • Pushing the Motorcycle into a parking space.
  • Riding a slalom.
  • Riding two consecutive figure of 8’s.
  • A slow ride, as if in slow moving traffic.
  • To ride a u-turn manoeuvre
  • Controlled cornering and braking exercise.
  • Emergency stop, to be completed at 30mph.
  • Hazard avoidance exercise, to be completed at 30mph.

All of the above elements can be practiced on 1st Gear’s Off Road Training Centre Facility – Please look at our video page to see Module 1 Training and Test being conducted. The test is conducted at the Farnborough Test Centre.

Module 2 Test

The Module 2 Test is conducted on public highways. The examiner will give you directions and instructions by radio. Part of the Test will be and independent ride, the examiner will give you a direction to follow i.e. Aldershot, you will then continue to follow the signs to Aldershot until the examiner starts to give you instructions again. These tests are conducted from the Farnborough Test Centre.

During your training for Module 2 you will be taught the necessary elements of the Test as highlighted above, and you will be training in the local areas of Farnborough, Aldershot, Fleet and Farnham, where the Module 2 Tests are conducted.

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