With 1st Class facilities and 1st Class bikes, 1st Gear gives you the confidence to get riding safely.

A Licence – Aged 24 and above

This test is taken on a bike at least 595cc and must produce at least 50kW (67bhp). On passing this test you can ride any size motorcycle.

Before starting your training you will be required to have passed your Motorcycle Theory Test. 1st Gear can book this for you as part of your course.

The apps for the theory test that have been used by our students and recommend, are either Focus or Deep River Developments – Be careful on the wording of the questions on the multiple choice – as they try and trick you with their wording! If you are getting low scores on the Hazard Perception, try delaying your reaction then hopefully you will get a higher score – This is because it is designed for someone who has not been on the road before! The hazard clips are now Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) at the Test Centres.

You will be required to train for your Module 1 and Module 2 Tests. The Module 1 training will be conducted at our safe off road Training Centre. If you look on our video page you will see Module 1 Training and a Test being conducted. Module 2 Training will be conducted in the local area of Farnborough, Fleet, Aldershot and Farnham.

On completion of your Training you will take your tests at the local Farnborough Test Centre, which is located ONLY 10 minutes FROM OUR TRAINING CENTRE!! On passing the tests you will be able to remove your L Plates and carry a pillion passenger.

Rule 92 of the Highway Code

Vision. You MUST be able to read a vehicle number plate, in good daylight, from a distance of 20 metres (or 20.5 metres where the old style number plate is used).

If you need to wear glasses (or contact lenses) to do this, you MUST wear them at all times while driving.

The Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales and is essential reading for everyone.

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